Vexed Thread Whipping Tube 250m

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The vexed bait thread is a popular product to assist with securing your baits onto your rig and now has been released in small accessible whipping tube 

- **Performance**: You can use this product to secure your bait to your hook, and prevent it from falling off or being stolen by fish. The product is made of high-quality nylon thread that is strong and durable. The product also has a unique whipping tube design that allows you to wrap the thread around your bait easily and tightly .

- **Versatility**: You can use this product for various types of bait, such as squid, octopus, fish fillets, crabs, prawns, and more. You can also use this product for different fishing techniques, such as bottom fishing, jigging, trolling, and more. The product is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing .

- **Convenience**: You can carry this product with ease, as it is lightweight and compact. It fits in your pocket or tackle bag, and has a handy dispenser that lets you pull out the thread as needed. The product also has a cutter that lets you cut off the excess thread without using scissors .

The vexed bait thread whipping tube is a product that you can be proud of, because it is made by vexed, a leading manufacturer of fishing lures and accessories in Australia. vexed has been producing quality products since 2016, and has a reputation for innovation and excellence .