Vexed Dingle Dangle Pulley Rig

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The Vexed Dingle Dangle is an essential floatation core for bait construction, effectively elevating baits off the seabed. This technique not only enhances the bait's visibility, but also minimizes the risk of snagging stingrays and crabs. Originating from British carp anglers, the dingle dangle concept has been refined and perfected by "Back in South Africa" surf anglers. For optimal floatation and casting, the dingle dangle is best paired with a single circle hook and an English-style, clipped down pulley rig. When selecting bait for your target species, consider using squid, pilchards, or fresh cuts such as mullet or tailor. For secure attachment, a strong latex bait thread like Vexed Fillet or Squid Thread is recommended.