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Protecta Spray Lube 300g *IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY*

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ProTecta Spray Lube is like no other product on the Australian market. It has a unique blend of technology that allows the product to be used across a wide range of applications; from heavy industrial workshops to automotive and marine service centres, to the back shed, it is at home. Its extreme pressure additives allow it to withstand 5 times the lubricating pressure of other leading brands, thus allowing it to lubricate better and longer on pins, bushes and chains. The lubricating properties lend itself to be an amazing penetrant. When two things stick together, like a nut and a bolt, the slipperier the material between them becomes, the easier it is to move, making Spray Lube the perfect solution. ProTecta’s advanced formula dries, rather than evaporating, leaving a lubricated and protective, long lasting, non-sticky, dust-free film. It adheres to metal better than many other spray lubricants, cleans, resists water and drives moisture from working surfaces. The 300g can has a unique nozzle that can be rotated to change the pressure of the spray flow from low, medium, or high to perfectly match the application, saving clean up time and money