Poseidon Pro 2 Fishing Drone Black - PACKAGE WITH 2 BATTERIES *IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY*

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*package contains 2 batteries*

Our selection of the Poseidon Pro 2 drone is based on extensive research and testing, proving it to be a top choice with its unbeatable value and abundant features. With over 200 successful flights in 20 diverse locations, we are confident that these drones will meet all of your needs. We have also taken the extra step to customize these drones with added safety measures, providing you with peace of mind in case of any unexpected incidents. The tri-blade propellers have been upgraded for enhanced responsiveness and reduced noise, setting our drones apart from others on the market. Boasting a 2.8kg payload capacity, IP66 waterproof rating, 4k camera, and stable flight, the Poseidon Pro 2 is a remarkable and easy-to-use choice for any angler.


Item Parameter Remarks
Waterproof level IP66
Weight of single drone 2.45kg Including standard battery
Weight of one set 7kg Battery/propeller/ thrower/camera/charger/ packaging
flight control V5 Pixhawk4 mini
Packing size( carton packaging) 57*46*20cm
Image transmission distance 1000m
Battery Type 8000mAh LiPo
Diagonal distance(without propeller) 480mm
Propeller blade size 1355
Motor mode 3515
ESC parameters 40A
Maximum rising speed 6m/s
Maximum falling speed 4.5m/s
Maximum horizontal flight speed 18m/s
Maximum tilt angle 35°
Working temperature -40℃-85℃
Satellite positioning module ublox Neo-M8N GPS / GLONASS receiver integrated magnetometer IST8310
Hover accuracy (wind speed less than or equal to 6) Vertical +0.8m. horizontal+2. 5m
Maximum wind speed level Class 8
Maximum load 3KG
Flight time(No load) 30min
Flight time( Load 1kg) 18min
Flight time( Load 2.5kg) 8min
Single axis gimbal 4K camera Waterproof