Nomad Squidtrex Vibe

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The Squidtrex is a world first in fishing tackle. Never before has there been a vibrating lure, with the design of a Squid that has both the action and durability to tackle big fish! This lure has a realistic swimming action like no other.

  • Internal weight system for fast sinking for deeper water methods.
  • Crazy vibration wobble at medium to high speeds.
  • Strong & durable - soft TPE construction.
  • Heavy duty through wire construction & heavy gauge hooks.

Pat. Pending design on the Nomad Design Squidtrex means there is nothing else quite like it - in the world! This is a lure so versatile, it can be fished dead or at rest with no movement at all.

  • Tentacles move and wave in the water when sinking or even at rest.
  • Assist hooks designed to sit out at 60 degrees and upwards for the best hookup rate.
  • Additional eyelet on the belly allows for additional hook placement.
  • Squid scent additive for real Squid effect.
Squidtrex 95 95mm 32g Up to 40m Sinking - Max Vibration BKK Twin Assist #1 Casting - Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex 110 110mm 52g Up to 50m Sinking - Max Vibration BKK Twin Assist 1/0 Casting - Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex 130 130mm 92g Up to 70m Sinking - Max Vibration BKK Twin Assist 3/0 Casting - Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex 150 150mm 128g Up to 100m Sinking - Max Vibration BKK Twin Assist 4/0 Casting - Vertical Jigging