Meiho Reversible 100 2 Sided Plastic Lure Case

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The Meiho Reversible 100 Two Sided Plastic Lure Case is a product that you can be proud of. It is a product that offers you the following benefits:

- Versatility: You can store your fishing lures on both sides of the case, and switch between them easily by flipping the case over. You can also adjust the size and number of the compartments by removing or adding the plastic dividers. This way, you can customize the case to fit your needs and preferences.

- Durability: You can trust that your fishing lures are safe and secure in this case, as it is made of high-quality plastic that can resist water, dust, and impact. The case also has a spring-loaded closure system that keeps the lid closed without the need for a latch. The case is designed to last for a long time and withstand harsh conditions.

- Convenience: You can carry this case with ease, as it is lightweight and compact. It fits in your pocket or tackle bag, and has a removable plastic hang tab for easy storage. You can also access your fishing lures quickly, as the case has a clear lid that lets you see what's inside. The case is also easy to clean and maintain.

The Meiho Reversible 100 Two Sided Plastic Lure Case is a product that you can be proud of, because it is made by Meiho, a leading manufacturer of fishing tackle boxes and cases in Japan. Meiho has been producing quality products since 1951, and has a reputation for innovation and excellence .

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