Daiwa 23 Seaborg 400J

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The Daiwa 23 Seaborg 400 J is a high-performance electric reel that offers anglers a new level of power, speed, and convenience. It is designed for deep-sea fishing, especially for bottom fishing and slow-pitch jigging. Here are some of the features and specifications of this reel:

- It has a new Mag Max motor that can achieve retrieve speeds of up to 150 m per minute, which is faster than most conventional electric reels. This means you can spend more time fishing and less time winding.
- It has a powerful 14 kg of ATD drag that can handle big fish in deep water. The drag system is smooth and consistent, and it can be easily adjusted with the JOG Power Lever.
- It has a thumb bar clutch that allows you to operate the reel with one hand. You can use the thumb bar to release the line and engage the motor, and the JOG Power Lever to control the speed and direction of the retrieve. This makes it easy to fish under the arm or from a rod holder.
- It has a rigid body that houses 18 bearings, including Magsealed Bearings that protect the internals from water and dust. The body is durable and corrosion-resistant, and it provides smooth and stable performance.
- It has a line capacity of PE 3/500 m, which is enough for most deep-sea fishing scenarios. The line counter displays the amount of line out and the depth of the water, so you can keep track of your fishing situation.
- It has a gear ratio of 5.1:1, which is ideal for slow-pitch jigging. The reel can produce a variety of actions with different types of jigs, such as long falls, slow slides, and quick lifts. The reel also has a jigging function that automatically moves the line up and down according to your settings.

The Daiwa 23 Seaborg 400 J is a versatile and reliable electric reel that can handle any challenge in the deep sea. It is suitable for anglers who want to enjoy the thrill of catching big fish with ease and comfort.