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CSI Lure Paint / Seal 1oz

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CSI offers a great range of Lure Sealants and paint options.

CS Coatings Water Base Paint is one of the most durable liquid finishes on the market today. Being water based the paint has a low odor, it is user - friendly and environmentally safe. Because of its unique durability, it will withstand the daily rigors of packaging, tackle boxes and serving as lunch for trophy fish. This is a excellent finish for learning to use air brushes also with easy cleanup.

CS Coatings Vinyl Lure and Jig Paint has been the toughest Finish Ever Put On A Lure for 30 years. Our Vinyl Paints incredible flexibility makes it able to withstand anything you can throw at it! Quick drying time coupled with excellent adhesion to most metals, woods and hard plastics make our Vinyl Paint the favorite of some 1,500 tackle manufacturers worldwide. Far more durable than lacquer and enamel paints and easier to use than epoxy paints, VINYL FINISH remains flexible and will not chip or flake when applied over clean lead. Go ahead, use your lures in rocks – the lead will dent but VINYL FINISH will not chip off. Dip or spray two coats of white as a base for other colors to get a professional finish. Most colors will dry flat not glossy. For a gloss finish add a coat of CLEAR GLOSS.

CS Sealers
Imagine a clear coat that has all the best qualities of epoxy: extreme durability, deep gloss, non-yellowing, fast drying and worm proof.
Now imagine having none of the head aches: no mixing, no measuring, no pot life and low odour. Seal-Coat Lure and Jig Finish offers all of this in water base one-step clear coat. Use only what you want, when you want, leaving you with more time to fish and less time to fuss. Available in Standard and UV.