Atomic Hardz Vib 60 Rattle

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The Atomic Hardz Vib 60 Rattle is a fishing lure that is designed to create vibrations and sounds that attract fish.

It has a forward-weighted body that allows it to sink slowly and wobble at different speeds. It is suitable for fishing in freshwater and saltwater, targeting species such as bream, bass, snapper, yellowbelly, jewfish, and barra.

The lure is 60 millimetres long and weighs 10.4 grams. It comes in various colours, such as Black Beauty, Rock Crab, Ghost Gill Brown, Crash Tiger, and Spotted Gold Wolf.

It has two chemically sharpened treble hooks attached to it for a secure catch. The lure is ideal for casting or trolling, and can be retrieved with a steady, stop-and-start, or erratic action.

The lure is effective in clear or stained water, where it can mimic the appearance and movement of a small baitfish.