Atomic Hardz Bream Crank 38 Double Deep

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The Bream Crank Double Deep features an all new profile designed to attract the wariest of fish holding around deep structure. This proven new profile now comes with an oversize bib which is super strong and able to handle
the pressure of repetitive casting. Capable of almost two metres depth, the double deep still maintains a wide wobble and roll action all estuary species will love.

Style: Floating
Size: 38mm
Weight: 3.5g
Action: Wide wobble and roll
Depth: 1.8m

Tech Tips

bream, bass, flathead and whiting
The Atomic Bream Crank 38DD is a deep diving crank bait lure. It dives to 1.8m making it ideal for deeper water between 2 and 3 metres. It is effective around weed beds, rock walls, oyster racks, bridge pylons and wharves and jetties.
• Estuary outfits in maximum 4-8lb range will yield best results when casting. Braided lines with a flouro leader or straight through flouro line will be best.
• Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
• Depths up to 3 metres are suitable for this lure. Target edges or flats with weed beds and use a very slow wind retrieve for best results. This is what anglers refer to as a slow roll. The slower, the better the results will be.
• Long casts will be rewarded. Position yourself so the wind is at your back if possible.
• Don’t be afraid of bumping into structure. The swimming angle and fast float of the Crank 38 Double Deep will allow it to bump or float over structure. Fish often hold in tight to this terrain.
• Vary your retrieve slightly by adding in a downward pull of the rod tip causing the lure to accelerate, then decelerate.