Asakura Tiny Clamer 25mm -4g

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The Asakura Clamer is a hard-bodied fishing lure that mimics the appearance and behaviour of a clam, mussel, oyster, or pipi.

It has a unique design that allows it to be used in different ways, depending on the fishing situation. It can be retrieved slowly like a crankbait, or it can be jigged like a vibe lure, creating a fluttering action as it sinks.

The lure has a sealed chamber with ball bearings that produce a rattle sound to attract fish. It also has a soft silicone lip that protrudes from the shell, adding extra movement and realism. The lure is equipped with quality BKK treble hooks and a wire-through construction for durability.

The Asakura Clamer comes in 12 different colours and three sizes: 25mm (4g), 30mm (7g), and 45mm (14g).

Some of the colours have a felt finish on one side, which helps to hold scent longer and gives a softer landing on the cast.

The Asakura Clamer is suitable for targeting various species of fish, such as bream, flathead, trevally, whiting, snapper, grouper, drummer, yellowbelly, and bass. It is especially effective for beach and rockwall fishing. The Asakura Clamer is made in Japan and designed in Australia.