10mm Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Set

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This specially designed turnbuckle set is made specifically for our double stretchers. There are multiple reasons you should use our genuine turnbuckles instead of generic turnbuckles:

  1. Fully stainless steel turnbuckles will gall (bind up) on the threads, our genuine turnbuckles are partly stainless steel and partly galvanised steel, to avoid the galling issue while still providing excellent corrosion resistance;
  2. The larger body size of our turnbuckles gives the ideal tension on our double stretchers. We have designed the stretcher/turnbuckle combination so that when you have tensioned the turnbuckles as tightly as you can by hand, the strap will have the correct tension without damaging the stretcher's steel frame from overtightening;
  3. The double ended hooks on our turnbuckles are designed to work with the stretcher to allow for easy set up.