Yamashita EGI-OH Live SEARCH

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 Whitey says: Yamashita’s EGI OH LIVE SEARCH squid jigs feature all of Yamashita’s exclusive technology :

  • 490 Glow, which is the best wavelength of visible light for the squids eye to detect.
  • Warm Jacket, which transfers light into heat allowing the jig retain heat making the jig seem alive to the squid.
  • 600htz Rattle, which is the best frequency for squid to pickup.

The slim nose design and new TIN sinker design gives the LIVE SEARCH a very sharp and lively darting action.

Size 3.0 is 15.5g and has a sink speed of 3.3sec/m

Size 3.5 is 21.5g and has a sink speed of 2.8sec/m