Shimano 2020 Beastmaster 9000A

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Whitey says: Shimano’s NEW 2020 Beastmaster 9000A possesses unprecedented power, speed and durability thanks to the brushless Giga-Max Motor. With 10% more winding power than the previous model and 25kg of Cross Carbon Drag output, the Beastmaster is ready to tackle monsters of the deep. Regardless of the load applied to the reel, the Constant Speed Mode maintains a consistent retrieve speed without the loss of any cranking power during the fight. The Heat-Free system allows for heat to be released from vents in the side plate, ensuring reliable performance. It also features an aluminium cold forged clutch lever and a LCD screen with an English menu. To reach deeper depths, the reel can be spooled with up to 900m of PE 8 braid.