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Whitey Says: The ALL TIME Best Vibe on the market, these extremely hard to find BABY VIBES from River 2 Sea come in at 35mm and are responsible for many Bream tournament wins around Australia.  Available Unrigged in the 4 most sort after colours!!

NOTE: Baby vibes are sold individually (pictures of two lures is for illustration only)

A word from Whitey’s sponsored angler Ben Oakes on the M02 Colour:

“Baby Vibes are a deadly and unique lure imitating one of the adult Black Breams main food sources. If you look inside your live well after having large Breams in there you will often find mussel shell lining the bottom.

You may have ruled out being able to imitate a rather inanimate object like a mussel with a lure although when mussels are dislodged they actually meander toward the bottom in a curving unpredictable way. This is where Baby Vibes are unique with their small size and the shape in the curves of their sides allow them to fall just like a black pigmy mussel.

When a Baby Vibe is fished near structure especially amongst a school of Bream I imagine they see it as a mussel that has been prised off and dropped by another Bream. This often results in Bream rushing to pick it up before its buddies and then holding and grinding on it for some time trying to crack it open just as it would a mussel.”