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Poseidon Fishing Drone

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Whitey says: The Poseidon Pro quadcopter has been specifically engineered and constructed for fishing – It is quite literally Born for Fishing. Poseidon Pro is the much anticipated successor to Poseidon 480 the first IP67 waterproof rated fishing drone and features an IP67 water proof rating, 32 minute unloaded flight time and up to beaufort wind force rating 6. – It is the Ultimate Fishing Drone.

NB: Comes with a HD camera and bait release module included.

Poseidon Pro High Level Dust/Waterproof Rating

  • Constructed utilizing anti corrosive materials.
  • Has been engineered to a very high IP67 Dust and Waterproof rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection -6 is the solid ingress protection rating and 7 is the liquid ingress protection rating. Tested and proven waterproof drone.
  • Motors, bait release mechanism and camera are all waterproof and made from anti corrosive materials

High Rated Wind Capability

The size and power of Poseidon-Pro enables greater wind tolerance with Beaufort force Level F5 -Typical Maximum 21 knots and Beaufort force Level F6 -Wind Gusts to 22-27 knots -Peak ideal to handle the conditions required for drone fishing.

Real Time HD Video Streaming

Equipped with a 720P HD waterproof camera, delivering real time digital transmission straight to your mobile or tablet, and the Poseidon Pro APP supports both IOS and Android operating systems. You can even take photo’s and video which is stored in the App.

Excellent Impact Resistance

Unlike a lot of competitor brands that use ABS plastic to construct the outer shell of their drones, the Poseidon Pro is built with an engineered PP Plastic. ABS plastic is quite hard and rigid, whereas engineered PP plastic is malleable and absorbs shocks rather than cracking -similar to a car bumper.