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One of the most popular SCUBA fin in Australia, the V12 Fin is top shelf!
designed from the ground up to deliver what others only promise – enhanced speed and efficiency with virtually no effort for the diver meaning these fins suit any ability.
Using a revolutionary concept of “propeller” like technology to improve fin performance significantly over its blade Fin rivals, independent testing revealed the V12 can reduce air consumption by up to 30% compared to traditional blade fins. The Propellor (Split Fin)  Wing technology has a unique Duroprene material outlasts and out performs its Thermoplastic rivals and is still sold with a full Lifetime warranty.
  • Small (US 5-7)
  • Regular (US 8-10)
  • X-Large (US 11-13)

 Please note that these US sizes are in Mens. Ladies will need to take 2 sizes smaller in US (E.G. If you are a ladies US 8, you will be a men's US 6 so you will choose the Small/Medium).