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Black Magic Snapper Snatcher KL Hook

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  • The original proven flasher rigs.
  • Hand rigged in New Zealand for over 25 years.
  • Soft lumo beads make the rigs even more enticing in deep water or at night
  • All rigs include quality Japanese made Black Magic hooks, tough trace and barrel swivels
  • Advanced knots, batch tested for strength
  • Extreme UV and/or lumo materials for unequalled visibility

Fishing style

  • Proven to catch a huge range of species
  • Self-hooking – great for kids and anglers of all skill levels
  • Can be placed in the rod holder and left alone, great when using multiple rods
  • Ideal for rods that have integrated tip technology (bendy rod)
  • For extra appeal add a small triangle of bait – avoid blocking the gape