Fishing Reports








With the demersal ban about to be underway most fishers have had their Dhuie and Snapper fixes and are looking to their next options over the coming months. This time of year the best table fish have got to be the almighty King George Whiting which are a prolific species for the South West. We all have our own tips, tricks and habits when chasing KG’s but for us at Whiteys we can’t go past a half a mulie or small squid on snelled 3/0 hooks (diagram below), remember big bait big fish!  A key tip when speaking to any KG fisherman is to hold your ground. Once you have found that first KG you will find the fish are holding close by on that same spot and a small drift can be enough to lose the school. Taking note of the wind and current direction can help in setting anchor straight above the KG grounds which will ultimately increase your days catch! Alternatively the use of a good Minn Kota and Hummingbird combination will enable you to set a spot lock right on top of the fish no matter the depths, without dropping anchor. If you havent already got yourself an arsenal of KG grounds your best bet is to start at the same places you target Dhuies. These two beautiful fish share  a preference of very similar grounds.

With all the excellent work by fisheries and the conservative attitudes of fisherman these days the waters are really thriving more each year, and a clear sign of that is the removal of the cray fishing ban. There is now no set season and we are lucky enough to be able to target these tasty morsels all year round! This time of year is when the divers start reporting sightings of great cray numbers beginning to increase in the area. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start setting your pots or at least finding your grounds ready for their walk into the shallow waters. The crays have been noticeably walking earlier and earlier each year and this time we can be waiting!


We don’t all need to have a boat to be having success with fishing in the southwest. This beautiful part of the country is blessed to have the best of the states freshwater fishing and once again, with the stocking efforts of the fisheries, making great use of the fees we pay for our fishing licenses we are now lucky enough to fish fresh water all year round. Waterways throughout the southwest are stocked each year with large numbers of Rainbow and Brown trouts some of which, especially this year, were absolute thumper breeding stocks. The warmer weather is coming and with this the trout will move into deeper water, so when fishing streams or rivers you want to find the deepest and darkest sections where you will find the fish are holding as deep as the waterway will permit. The same goes for the dams, the trout will move into the deeper areas which means your lure choices will need to match. Soft plastics, vibes and spinners would be your best options to ensure you can get down low to the strike zone and really entice these excellent sports fish from the depths.

The Black Bream reports really heat up this time of year whether it’s because the fish are feeding harder or us fisho’s have stopped hiding from the cold! One of the Bream capitals for Western Australia is no doubt the Blackwood River, producing great bream fishing all year round. Black Bream can be targeted in all kinds of ways, bait, soft plastics, vibes, fly and hard bodies to name a few. Lure Fishing for Black Bream has been on the rise for years and has to be one of the most exciting sports fishing readily available, however, you haven’t truly experience its pinnacle until you get yourself to the Blackwood river as the sun is rising and throw your first surface lure into the snags. Twitch twitch pause, twitch twitch pause, Boof! The explosive surface bites will have your heart racing and your knees shaking everytime.


Our landbased surface fishing excitement doesn’t stop at the Blackwood, the yellow fin whiting will be starting to follow the warming waters into the estuaries along the coast. A particular hot spot for whiting is the Leschenault Estuary here in Australind. As the water temperatures rise so does the number of Whiting roaming the shallow flats looking for a feed. Walking those flats casting surface lures is a style of fishing that almost everyone will find very addictive. On a sunny day you will see these dark sleek shadows racing across the flats as you lure makes contact with the surface. With every twitching retrieve they will be hot on its tail, trying to suck down your lure of choice. Site casting to these fish is an experience you need to have. The most popular lures when surface fishing for whiting has got to be the Bassday Sugapens. These can be twitched and paused across the surface or slow retrieved with a walk the dog motion and will definitely entice your catch.


Our picturesque part of the country has all kinds of exciting fishing opportunities at your fingertips so please don’t miss your chance this season to get into some excellent fish. The guys here at Whiteys Tackle and Camping in Treendale are always more than happy to lend a hand and give quality advice to any of our customer. So pop in, say hi, and we will steer you in the right direction to the one that DOESN’T get away.