Fishing Reports











Offshore Bunbury has been epic lately with boaties reporting King  George whiting in the 17-26m marks off Binningup. The artificial reefs have also held their usual fair share of Sampson fish giving anglers and their fishing gear a good work out. If targeting Sampson fish, try the metal jigs worked at a fast pace through the water column, they can’t resist and when you hook up hold on as they pull hard. The prized dhufish has been a constant in our fishing reports over the past month with a variety of methods proving their worth. Jigs in the 100g – 250g range and in the red and pink colours have been popular, the popular soft plastics on the other hand have been the glow and pearl colours in the six inch to eight inch range. My favourite the “RO” jig has been accounting for countless dhufish and even a few Pink Snapper, rigging one of these jigs with a twin assist and working the bottom five metres of the water column is a sure way to get some Dhufish action.

Salmon, the time is now! Grab you surf rods and light flick rods and go and have some fun. Lures are a great ‘mess free’ way to target these hard fighting sportfish, look for the schools of salmon which will look like a weed bed, only moving. Any weighted lure or metal lure are popular due the fact you can get a decent cast, attempt to lob your cast 5-10m in front of the moving school and watch as fish peel away from the school and attack your lure. Reports along the local Buffalo and Belvedere beaches have been steady as well as Binningup beach and Myalup beach showing some great numbers.

Blue Swimmer Crabs are still on offer in the Leschenault Estuary, if you’re happy toget your feet wet and spend a bit of time walking the flats you should be able to manage a feed. For you boaties out there, try dropping your nets on the edge of the sand bar drop-offs.

The Collie River has been fishing really well with reports of Black Bream over the 40cm mark. Fishing river prawns as bait rigged on a 1/0 baitholder hook with a small running ball sinker is a simple but effective way to target these fish. If lures are your thing then the Keitech plastics seem to be out fishing everything else!

Harvey Dam has been fishing well for Redfin Perch, look for rocky banks with plenty of structure as this is where the Redfin hide out. The norm is generally spinners but don’t discount soft plastics. I personally rig a slightly heavier jig head (around the 1/8th oz) to ensure my plastic is getting down where the fish are.

Beach Fisho’s can expect to find good numbers of Yellowfin Whiting cruising the beaches,  a simple running ball sinker down to a long shank hook with either bloodworm or sandworm as bait is proving to be most successful. A tip for chasing Yellowfin Whiting from the beach is not to cast too far! They normally sit in the wash only 8-10ft from the shore line.   We are still getting good Tailor reports from south of Buffalo Beach, these fish have not been in huge numbers but the size are certainly making up for it with most fish well over the 40cm mark. On those still nights when the wind is behaving I find it best to baitcast a mulie or scalie with little to no weight and use a very slow retrieve.

The staff at Whitey’s Tackle and Camping in Australind live local and fish locally so if you have any questions on what you have just read or want to know what’s biting and where, then pop in and say G’day.